Being creative is something that defines how innovatively you can belt out your thoughts. If your thoughts blow the mind of your colleagues and you manage to impress your boss, you stand at the position of the most creative person in your circle. It is an ability that anyone can adopt to calibrate oneself in professional life. Creativity enhances your personality and your thoughts eventually. Everyone is creative in their way, but our thoughts need to be modified to articulate ourselves. Here are five ways you can become more creative:

1) Make Friends and Create Your World:

To come up with unique ideas, you need to meet new people, expand your friend circle. When you talk to new people and exchange your thoughts, it exposes you to see things from different angles. Friends offer you a new perspective on life since everyone has a different way of living and thinking. Their cultural background and history increase your general knowledge, improve your communication skills, and boost your conversational tone that benefits your professional life.

New friends incite you to try new activities which you never tried before. New experiences will update a new version of yourself. These factors highly contribute to the creativity of your mind.

For instance, how will you explore it if you don’t get out of your comfort zone, don’t hang out with friends, and don’t have a discourse about stuff? How will your mind diversify to new things? Remember that creativity comes up with fresh and updated ideas for that you need to come out of your nutshell and widen your perception.

2) Exercise Regularly and Stay Fit:

We commonly hear about “how effective fitness is for our body,” but let’s talk about “what wonders it can do?”  Fitness experts advise us for an intense workout or meditation for peace of mind regarding mental health.

Exercise is indeed good for your body, but it also relaxes your mind. It is considered that exercise has stress-reducing, mind-focusing, memory-enhancing, and productive-thinking properties, which leads us to the pathway of creativeness of our mind.

Many of us are born artists, singers, and writers; however, a creative mind is a gateway to your success. You can think of possible ways to get your task done with the tendency of having innovative ideas. Researchers say that aerobics stimulates new brain cells that work for long-term memory; this growth helps be creative. Several studies say that going for a walk can help get new ideas, as it freshens you up internally.

3) Find an Expert in Yourself:

You don’t get anything overnight but over time. Similarly, if you focus on practice and find more possibilities to solve the problem, you will eventually be creative in every aspect soon. Before that, you need to be an expert in that region to get creative in it. Knowledge not only comes from books but beyond that. Listen to talk shows, ted talks, motivational speakers, and documentaries available on YouTube will open up a new side to every statement.

Use your senses to dwell on any subject you are willing to learn because “knowledge is an ocean that has no coast.”

The deeper you go, the broader your perspective will be; therefore, you will find different possibilities for a problem or a circumstance. You can also approach an expert or a teacher to unveil the world of experiences, and you will be able to know the consequences; hence you can work and think accordingly.

4) Doodle Your Mind Out:

Doodling has been defined as an ‘improvising art’ or ‘drawing aimlessly,’ where you can comfortably give your expressions or emotions a meaning. It is super beneficial for our mental health, Milton Glaser, a graphic designer, said in his book (drawing is thinking), where he showered light on the fact that the one who draws, his mind is intensely attentive. By that he means, your concentration will rise to the next level.

These activities spark the creativity level in your brain. People who do daily doodling never runs out of creative ideas. Sit next to your window, get lost in your thoughts, let the cold breeze touch you, and then let out your emotions.

5) Play Video games:

Taking some time out from your work is not a big deal because it releases all the exhaustion and frustration you are holding on to. About 72% of US households play video games. A study found that video games tend to make people more creative than ever. In the world of fantasy, you will observe unique characters and situations to deal with them; therefore, you can learn how to cope with them.

Regardless of the genre of the game, studies confirmed that video games and creativity share a great bond themselves.

The Bottom Line:

Creativity comes with time as you explore yourself and your potentials to the fullest. Therefore, by following the tips mentioned above, you’ll surely enhance your creativity level.

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