Procrastination is all about what we should be doing, but we don’t want to do. Each one of us deals with procrastination at some point in life or maybe even every next day. Do you ever feel like you know you should get something done, but you cannot do it somehow? Then you fool around up until the last minute and get it done in pressure and stress at the last second, or worst-case scenario, don’t get it done? That’s precisely what procrastination means!
With deadlines looming over your head, you’re constantly under stress, and procrastination makes you feel like a loser who can’t get the work done. Your productivity suffers, and with that, your creative potential and earning outcomes. Instead of doing what we’re supposed to do, we fiddle around with miscellaneous tasks such as checking your Gmail, surfing Facebook, and watching YouTube. Don’t let procrastination and laziness take over your life. Try to figure out ways your mind and body can connect to focus on the task and get things done.
In this blog, we’ve gathered the 5 most helpful tricks and tactics to help you stop procrastinating once and for all.

1) Start Small, But Just Start Working

You can break your work into little steps to manage your deadlines. Force yourself to take the first step, and the rest follows. When tasks are too overwhelming, the best thing is to cut them down into smaller steps. In this way, you’ll focus on one part at a time and get it done. Breaking a long task down into parts can make it look much simpler that you start to think why I took this long to this. As a result, you just get done with it. You can also set deadlines on your smaller steps, and this approach helps your mind act to complete it by the due date because it knows you would jeopardize everything else you have planned after it. That is one way to create an urgency for a task!

2) Think Long-Term Results

When you’ve got a challenging goal to accomplish, think about how it’ll affect you in the long term. We often work long hours for financial benefits or even a marathon for feeling accomplished after all the struggle to participate. While running, there’s pain, sweat, and you look miserable, but when you run through the finish line first, you get to reap the benefits of feeling successful.

3) Eliminate Distractions

If you’re procrastinating a little too much, maybe it’s because it’s easy to procrastinate. Start to identify what causes your delay and how things slow down for you, whether it’s browsing sites, talking to people unnecessarily, surfing social media, stalking your crush, or staring at the fridge for 20 minutes straight. Disable automatic notifications for apps that might distract you, snooze some apps that grab your attention during the day, and eliminate distractions around you. Some people go out of their way to stop them from distracting their minds, like deactivating their social media accounts or discarding phones.

4) Do The “Right” Kind of Fantasizing

Thinking about the future and having fantasies is generally okay and good fun. But, excessive fantasies have been proven to be a goal killer and a big reason people often procrastinate. Before doing any task, people who foresee things in their mind that I must do this task with this level of perfectionism always end up confused with their efforts on a task. Indeed, people often get disappointed when they don’t see themselves working or making something they saw or desired. However, positive visualization can also help make a task as good as new, but it is the mind perceiving it and what to do with it.

5) Tell Someone About Your Goals

When you’re the only person holding yourself accountable, you often put your assignments to hold and put them off and forget. Holding something accountable is necessary but at the right place with no loopholes. We’re more likely to deliver something when we’ve someone waiting for us. When someone is holding you responsible for your goals, you might think twice before backing out. This way, you can remain active and complete a task with the complete motivation that someone is waiting for you to complete your task so that you can both celebrate the victory, no matter how small it is.
We hope these 5 tips help you procrastinate less and get things done on time!

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