If you wish to become wealthy, you need to do a little more than simply earning money. You might think it is not the time to invest the money as you just started a job, or there are many responsibilities, or you don’t feel stable at the moment. But remember, there is no ‘good time to start investing. Ultimately, you will have to be disciplined enough to hold onto the money you earn. The next step is then to learn how to make your money grow.

This is how you can invest your money effectively.

1) Have a goal in mind

Figuring out how to invest your money starts with determining your goals. You need or want to achieve your goal in a way that is within your comfort zone and doesn’t make you feel anxious all the time. Have long-term goals, which include goals post-retirement. Or maybe some big goals like buying a house, or college tuition, or some major trip. Next, plan out short-term goals. These can include things you wish to do by next year.

Once you have a goal set in mind, you work towards it. It becomes easier to save up as you know what exactly you are saving up for.

2) Know your comfort zone on risk-taking

All investment involves some amount of risk. If you intend to purchase security, such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, it is essential to understand that you could lose a handsome sum of your money before you invest. The money you usually invest isn’t typically federally insured. This means you could lose your principal, which is the amount of money you have invested. This is true for investments through a bank too.

However, the reward of taking a greater risk also means a greater potential for an investment return. If you have a financial goal, you are more likely to make money by carefully investing in asset categories with greater risks, like stocks or bonds. Unless you don’t wish to take any chances, then you can invest in less risky assets like cash equivalents.

3) Focus on the long-term

Playing in the stock market by putting your money in individual stocks can be fun. But it is not a consistent way to build a foundation for your retirement. Investing for the long haul means you understand that the value of your investments will go up or down over time. Even if your stocks don’t perform as well as you’d hoped, don’t worry. Things always even out, especially if your goal is an investment that spans over 20 years or more.

These are the three ways in which you can invest your money effectively. However, make sure you do your research in detail before you decide to invest your hard-earned money. Know the risk you are taking and try to set long-term goals. Don’t get too disappointed too fast. Give your investment time to brew itself to reap the most productive benefits.

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