Do you remember when you were 18, and everybody asked you that one question you had a tough time answering? ‘What will you do for a career?’ People do indeed pressure you to know what you wish to do in your life; however, they don’t tell you that it is totally fine if you don’t decide on a dream career or dream job right after high school.

According to a survey by Gallup, 60% of millennials are looking to switch jobs. This means it is not unusual not to know what career you want.

Here are a few things you need to do to get your dream job.

1) Focus

The idea behind this is to take something you love and to focus it all on a specific career path; for example, concentrate your love for communication into reporting the T.V. news. This focus enables you to mark a difference between earning a degree and going after specific job opportunities.

Each year, multiple students complete their undergraduate degrees in fields like communication without thinking about their dream job. If you focus on that one skill you love, you will most definitely be in a better position to pursue your dream.

2) Have a role model

By having a role model, you will have solid ambitions and aims. After all, if someone has already achieved what you wish to achieve, why shouldn’t you try? Role models can be beneficial when you feel lost and don’t know what to do next. You can use their route to success as an inspiration for your own.

Choose a role model who has achieved what you want to do and has had a similar starting point. To ensure you choose the perfect role model, look at the educational choices they have made, the changes they made in order to achieve their goals, their attitude towards failure and success, and lastly, how they dealt with adversaries.

These are all the things you can learn that will ensure you keep on the path to success.

3) Any progress is good progress

On your way to your dream job, don’t get disheartened if you feel like you are not climbing up the ladder of success fast enough. Even confident people stay in unsatisfying, monotonous jobs because they are too scared to make a wrong decision. But in your quest to uncover any meaningful work for yourself, your worst enemy is most likely inertia, that is, the effort it takes to do one thing, like e-mailing a networking contact or attending an event. But always remember, as long as you are moving, you are a bit closer to your success.

4) Expectations

And lastly, have realistic expectations. Even if you are lucky enough to get your dream job, there is no such thing as the perfect situation. Every job has its ups and downs, aspects we love and aspects we hate. A dream job doesn’t necessarily mean a cushion job. Anything worth having in this world requires effort. There will be days when you don’t feel like going to work and want to shut the alarm and go to sleep. But there will also be some days you feel energized at the prospect of work.

It is not easy to get your dream job. But with the right amount of determination and hard work, anything is possible.

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