Everyone makes mistakes, and often the most important life lessons come from the bad decisions we make. Do you at times find yourself saying, “I’ll never do that again,” and still end up doing that same thing? You’re not alone. You don’t have to blame yourself because, well, mistakes are necessary for a change.
We stop ourselves from doing things repeatedly, but it happens. However, if the loop goes on for a longer time, it can be costly in multiple ways. Perhaps your teammates lost faith in you because you made promises but couldn’t fulfill them, or you made vague decisions before thinking about them, which cost you your close relationships. The good news is that you can avoid this from happening again if you pay attention to your mistakes and learn something out of them.
The ability to overcome problems, understand why you made a particular mistake, and take corrective action not to repeat it, is the right way to success. Learning takes time. You can take small steps to learn from your mistakes, and it can become a life-changing experience for you. Let’s get into it.

Acknowledge Your Mistakes

The first step is to know that you’ve made a mistake. There should be a voice inside you that says you accept that you’ve made a blunder, regardless of the situation’s outcome. At first, you might blame the circumstances, any factor that influenced or didn’t agree to the error being yours. It’s human nature. But if you’re willing and faithful in admitting it. You’re on the right track. Take some time to reflect on your actions and determine how the situation reached this point. Go back, think of the problem and remind yourself of what happened which led to you making this decision. Once you’re at that realization spot, try to solve it rather than leaving it behind, blaming it on other things, and letting it happen again.

Research Deeper

Once you recognize your mistake, go back to analyzing why you did it. What was the problem? Research and analyze how others would have reacted to that problem, maybe someone you admire. Even if you can’t think of something you did wrong, observe other people who have made mistakes similar to yours and start making a sense out of it. That one loophole, where you went wrong, try to fix it the next time. There is nothing wrong with asking an expert for his share of knowledge on the task. You can ask someone close to you, whom you trust, or a wise and trustworthy professional who can guide you towards the right path. If it’s a business matter, try learning from an expert in the field.

Implement The New Angle

After observing what went wrong and what can be done to avoid the mistake, the next thing you need to do is to try another approach. Start to examine the problem from a different angle, and you can find new ways to solve complex problems on the way to correct the mistake, start to innovate, and create unique solutions to your problems. Eradicate the mistake, see the situation yourself, find new ways to observe the situation, and look at the results for some motivation boost. Reaching the correct solution will help you gain trust in yourself and your decision implementation. Once you succeed in overcoming a mistake, next time, you won’t make careless mistakes and analyze the situation before implementing the decision.

Review your Mistake

The only way to tell whether the right decision was made is to review the situation after implementing a decision. Review your progress to examine how the problem was exaggerated and how you contributed to it, and what happened when you solved it by implementing a thoughtful process. Analyze what bad habits contribute to your mistakes and them come up with ways to avoid those attributes. Try making it harder to make mistakes by taking the right decision and reviewing the decision.

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