A twist in time has radically changed our lives. Yes, it’s about the deadly virus. No one knew or knows yet that how long this virus will rule our world. No wonder it’s a hard time for all of us, but yet we managed to find the effective alternatives that could avoid the downsizing of the world’s economy, i.e., WORK FROM HOME. A study by Stanford enunciated that productivity has risen to 13% while working remotely. Here are a few tips you can consider to make your work as productive as ever.

1)    Follow a Timetable:

Making a schedule is not a big deal but sticking to it needs a lot of effort. Start with motivating yourself for the new change and develop an excitement for every task you have mentioned in your timetable. For example, waking up early to stretch your body and getting a hot cup of coffee after taking a shower. As soon as you start working, try to make sure to be free of any disturbance or distraction.

Keep track of how much work you have for the day, set the alarm for your working hours, and work accordingly. Highlight the targets which have to be done at the end of the day, don’t get frustrated if you couldn’t follow the timetable properly in the first time. Remember, it takes up to 3 weeks to get habitual of a new activity or schedule. So be patient and proceed without making it hard for yourself.

2.    Give a Pause:

Restorative breaks are essential for your brain to function flawlessly. Studies have shown that small breaks between work fuel the quality of productiveness among people. It mitigates stress and helps to perform seamlessly throughout the day. In a study of 2011, workers who took small breaks between their works were found to be consistently productive compared to those who were working without breaks. Our brain is more attentive when its refreshed because a fresh mind is a pathway to creative ideas.

There are innumerable ways to relax. For example, you can go for a walk, enjoy yourself with your family, read a novel, warm up your body with some jogging or stretching, watch a movie, take a nap, listen to your playlist, play your favorite instrument or any sport or eat. If you fear losing track of time, then set the alarm to continue.

3.    Create a Home Office:

Offices provide a disciplinary environment, but in this time of the pandemic where everyone is locked in their homes, many people supported the idea of a ‘home office.’ Rather than yawning in your room, make an office set up for yourself because a space associated with your work will eventually energize the lazy soul inside you. You can also dress up as you used to, to give a sensation of working in your new office.

You will feel motivated, confident, and alert in your space. You can personalize things according to your comfort. For example, a spacious table with a supportive chair, a holder with pens, pencils, highlighters, staplers, and other paraphernalia. Place your monitor or laptop correctly; it must be 17 to 18 degrees below the eye level so that your neck and back don’t strain and your posture remains perfect.

4.    Stay Intact with your Colleagues:

Sitting around a table, having lunch in the office’s canteen where you could barely listen to each other but still laughing your lungs out while joking about your boss, you miss that gathering? Don’t you? Now you might be worried about how the transition will affect your collaboration and connectivity, don’t worry. There are many ways to stay connected and reunite for work.

Gather your colleagues at a time and discuss the features of your work in a video call. Make sure that you don’t have internet connectivity issues. You can easily meet up through video conferencing, prepare your presentations together, and have quality time with each other. This collaboration will boost the productivity and functionality of your work.

5.  Search for Learning Opportunities.

Companies or offices arrange workshops or crash courses, for their employees, about a new development in the business sector to contribute to the betterment of the company. Since you are not working in the office and need an opportunity to update yourself, numerous websites offer online courses that teach soft skills, programming, and software skills.

This way, you will learn new skills in no time with no waste of money. Your work will eventually progress, as you will be up to date with the latest developments and skills. Those live sessions and workshops will transform you into a dexterous employee; therefore, productivity will inflate like the speed of light.

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