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We all have big aspirations, goals, and things we wish to accomplish. But at the same time, we have people in our lives that we love and care for, who demand our attention and time. They want us to spend time with them, and we also want to do the same. But it is hard to strike that balance between our aspirations and our relationships, especially when you feel that the other is not doing enough or giving enough time to the relationship.

If you feel like you have been putting too much focus on your career and not enough focus on them, then here is a way to balance your relationship with your career. We need healthy, happy relationships in our lives in order to feel content and stable.

01) Set boundaries

Every time you leave the office or work from home, make sure you establish clear communication and set clear expectations regarding how much of your career will bleed into your private life. Make a no-phone rule after 7:00 pm, or that you will both work on Saturday afternoons. People who wish to accomplish a lot in life tend to work 24/7 with no breaks, even on the weekends. As a career-oriented couple, you may enjoy working a lot, but set boundaries so you can also enjoy each other.

02) Give unwavering support

It may be challenging at times to show interest in your partner’s life or career after a long day of work. But it is vital that you show some thoughtfulness and be present in the conversations where your partner talks about their career. You should show unconditional support towards their work and take just as much interest. Without such support and listening, it may build resentment as you may not understand why they need to work odd hours. Lack of understanding may make it difficult for you both to act as a couple.

03) Regulate break times

Remember that you are a human and need to take a break despite your busy career or season. Determine a good time in the day or in the week to make that happen. Most people take a break during and after dinner. Weekends are also an excellent time to time out. Many successful people take regular intervals in between to recharge for the next week. Aligning your schedule with colleagues and clients can help you carve out a time for yourself and your partner.

If there is a case where your schedule does not match with your colleagues, perhaps divide the work amongst the team in a way that works for everyone – and then be transparent with them about the regular breaks you require. Communicate with them regarding any unavailability as they will appreciate the heads up, and this way, the team will also work more efficiently. The more proactive you are in communication, the better it is for the team. Taking regular breaks will help you take out a scheduled time which you can spend with your partner. It will be an excellent refresher.

It may be hard to strike a work-relationship balance, but it is imperative to do so, not just for your relationship but also for you as an individual. You need a breather, which you will get if you spend time with the ones you love most.


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