Communication is one of the essential skills one can ever learn. It is connected to everything we do. This skill is used in work when we have to meet deadlines or with friends, families, and partners to build robust relationships. We face so many problems that stem from poor communication. We are not taught how to communicate appropriately in school; we have to pick up from the people we surround ourselves with. Unfortunately, unless we are lucky enough to meet people with stellar communication skills, we often pick up bad habits.

Here are 5 ways to improve your communication skills.

1) Listen, Don’t Hear

Pay attention to what the person is saying. Genuinely listening to someone underpins good communication. Sometimes it is very easy to get distracted by our thoughts or by what’s happening around us, but listening shows respect to the speaker.

It helps to repeat the points made by the speaker. This shows them that you were really paying attention to whatever they were saying and will also help you remember the discussion later. Don’t talk in between or interrupt.

2) Acknowledge

In the workplace or at home with friends and family, part of good communication skills is acknowledging your part in a conversation. This is often known as closing the loop. Let your coworkers or friends know that you have gotten an email, saw the memo, or when in person, at least nod. This way, they will be able to move onto new projects or other discussions.

3) Don’t Snatch Words Out of People’s Mouths

Let them complete! This is extremely important. Sometimes we are in such a hurry that we tend to finish other people’s sentences. Research shows that by doing so, you are dis-empowering the other person because you are taking over the conversation entirely, not giving them space to talk about their feelings or ideas.

4) Prefer In-Person Conversations

There are a lot of quick ways to communicate, but the best way to communicate will always be face-to-face. These conversations help establish relationships and build trust. When messages are delivered in person, there is no guessing game or reading between the lines. The words and the tone are clear and prevents miscommunication and misunderstanding to a great extent. 93% of communication effectiveness is determined by non-verbal cues, which is why in-person conversations or interactions are vital.

5) Be Straightforward

When conversing with someone, keep your comments straightforward. Avoid sharing information that may not be beneficial for that point or detracts the conversation from the main point. Keep the central idea in mind and be direct in order to deliver the message effectively.

Good communication skill is a skill one can enlist on their resume. It is one of the most foundational skills to have that helps us in every aspect of our lives.

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