Do you think you are leading a healthy lifestyle? Well, we all try to be as healthy as possible. Aside from occasionally drifting off our healthy pathways, we wish to eat healthily and do enough physical activity whenever possible. But, is all this enough to call your lifestyle a ‘Healthy Lifestyle’?
A recent study showed that very few adults actually meet the criteria for a healthy lifestyle. This study was published in Archives of Internal Medicine and showed that only 3% of American adults fit the authors’ four essential criteria for healthy living. 13.8% scored three out of four, and 32.2% met two out of four. Women, however, scored slightly better than the men.
A healthy lifestyle doesn’t only consist of eating greens and hitting the gym five times a week. It is a bit denser than that.

The food you consume:

You cannot only rely on greens. You need a bit of everything in order to be healthy. You need a balanced meal, which means protein, carbohydrates, fat, vegetable, and fruit at each meal. Healthy carbohydrates include brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, bread, starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes, quinoa, amaranth, millet, and more.
Make sure you eat three meals every day, excluding the snacks. This ensures you eat enough calories without going overboard. The metabolism functions best when you follow a schedule. Eating every few hours guarantees energy and effective metabolism.
You might think snacks increase your calorie count, but it really helps when you get hungry in between meals. Snacks ensure you have energy until your mealtime and reduce the chances of you overeating.

Take care of your body:

Eat enough every day. Don’t skip meals. When you don’t eat, your body conserves calories and energy, which means when you eat next time, your body will learn to retain energy rather than use it properly. Make sure to hydrate yourself. Dehydration is a common cause of tiredness. Caffeine and alcohol are incredibly dehydrating. Make sure to balance out your caffeine or alcohol with non-caffeinated or non-alcoholic fluids.
Sleep is vital in a healthy lifestyle. Less sleep increases appetite and decreases brain function. Proper sleep helps you gain energy, maintain weight, and enhance your ability to think and concentrate.
Try to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, thrice a week. It doesn’t need to be a HITT workout; you can even just walk for 30 minutes. Physical exertion causes a boost in concentration, much more than any caffeinated drink does. Exercise also decreases stress. If you dread exercising, find a physical activity that you like to do. Doing so will make you look forward to that workout, and it will seem less like a chore.

Free your mind:

Random bouts of stress can be beneficial in helping us tick off our to-do lists and reach our goals. However, when stress persists, it tends to impact our mood, sleep, and even immunity. Ensure that you give your mind a break every few days to ensure stress reduction. Spend some time doing what you love. For some people, it’s yoga, or nature, or listening to some relaxing songs, or dancing, or even scrolling through social media watching funny dog videos. Find out what releases your stress and do that. Don’t wait to burn out before you start doing this. Develop a healthy self-care routine, something you can do daily, even if it is just five minutes of deep breaths.
A healthy lifestyle is crucial to stay on track and be on the top of your game.

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