Healthy relationships are more than just love. It involves honesty, trust, respect, and open communication between both partners and takes effort and compromise from both people. There isn’t an imbalance of power. Partners usually respect each other’s decisions, independence and live their lives without fear of retribution and retaliation. A sign of a healthy relationship is also when the relationship is over; there is no stalking or refusal to let the other partner go.

1) Trust

This is arguably one of the most crucial healthy relationship characteristics. With no trust, there is a lack of a solid foundation on which one builds emotional intimacy. A trust-less relationship lays the potential for hurt, not just once but again and again, and it gets even worse. Without trust, you will be left in question, constantly unsure whether you can count on your partner to come through for you and whether or not they mean whatever they say. It is, of course, possible to build or rebuild trust within a relationship, but if you are not on the path to it, your relationship is quite vulnerable to stress and uncertainty.

2) Time Apart

Most people in healthy relationships prioritize spending an ample amount of time together. However, the amount of time you spend together varies based on personal needs, work, other commitments, and even just personality. In a healthy relationship, you recognize the need for personal space and time on your own. Some people enjoy relaxing solo, pursuing a hobby, or maybe hanging out with family and friends. Whatever you do, understand that you don’t need to spend every single breathing moment together or believe that your relationship will suffer if you spend time apart.

3) Intimacy

Intimacy often refers to sex, but it is not always. Not everyone enjoys or wants sex all the time. Your relationship can be healthy without it, as long as you both discuss and are on the same page about getting your needs met. If neither of you wants sex, then physical intimacy for you may involve kissing, hugging, cuddling, or sleeping together. Whatever intimacy you share, physically connecting and bonding is essential.

In a case where you both enjoy sex, then your relationship is most likely healthy if you both feel comfortable initiating and talking about sex, can positively handle rejection, can discuss desires, and feel safe about expressing your interests in sex.

Remember, healthy intimacy involves respecting sexual boundaries. This means not pressuring partners about sex or any specific sex acts that may make them uncomfortable and discussing sexual risk factors.

No relationship is perfect. No one has everything. Lack of sleep, stress or physical health problems may lead you or your partner to become agitated at times. But just because you are cranky does not mean your relationship isn’t healthy. If you have laid the foundation of your relationship on trust, comfort, and boundaries, then you are in a healthy relationship.

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